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Dear Staples athletes, parents, and guardians,

Please review the information below in regards to COVID-19 and athletic participation. If you
have any questions, please reach out to our athletic trainers at Staples High School. Their
contact information can be found below. Thank you. 


Reporting a positive COVID-19 Case: 

Should your child obtain a positive test result for COVID-19, it is critical that the District is
notified immediately. You can do this by following this link
Once an athlete has tested positive for COVID-19:

Based on guidelines presented by the AMSSM and NFHS expert task force, it is no longer
required for those athletes who were asymptomatic or had mild illness to be seen and cleared
by a licensed medical provider. It is, however, still recommended that all student athletes with moderate illness or initial
cardiopulmonary symptoms, severe illness, or those who experience cardiopulmonary symptoms with return to exercise should all have a medical evaluation performed and COVID-19 Return to Play form filled out must be completed by the student’s
licensed medical professional pursuant to chapter 370 (MD/DO), a physician assistant licensed pursuant to chapter 370 (PA-C) or an advanced practice registered nurse licensed pursuant to chapter 378 (APRN). Once cleared by their licensed medical professional, this form must be
submitted to the school’s athletic trainers for final medical clearance.
Returning to play after COVID-19:  

Once the athlete has tested positive for COVID-19, recovered from the diagnosis, and has (if
necessary) had the COVID-19 Return to Play Form filled out and on file at Staples High School,
the athlete may need to go through a graduated return to play. This will be determined by the
medical provider who fills out the COVID-19 Return to Play Form. If this step is necessary, the
athlete will connect with the athletic trainers at Staples High School and ensure they complete
this step. Their coach will be notified that this is necessary before full medical clearance is given
for return to sport. Any athlete that needs to complete this graduated return to play,
understands that this must be completed prior to returning to unrestricted athletics. 
Note: Individuals who have had COVID-19 are at risk of developing severe cardiac complications
that can affect participation in a sport. There is limited research in this area particularly in youth
athletes, to standardize clinical decision-making.
Please visit the COVID-19 Information and Reporting page if you have any further questions or
contact the athletic trainers.

Corey Iamonico & Tyler Owen